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Welcom to the mal de ojo bracelet store!

Our Evil Eye Bracelet Combines the most beautiful bracelets on the market which are Suitable for men, women and baby. You would get different color bracelet like silver, gold, red and so on.

Why are you would choose a evil eye bracelet? The amulet to prevent the power of jealousy has been popular in the Mediterranean region for many years, and it is enduring, because it uses the characteristics of evil to control evil, which represents the return of negative energy to the source, which also has the meaning of bringing love, health and happiness to the wearer. We have different styles to choose like:

Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

Gold Evil Eye Bracelet

Red String Evil Eye Bracelet

For Men

For Women

For Baby

Why choose us? We strive to provide the best customer service possible by answering any questions you may have about our product, shipping, or payment options. We ship wolrdwide fast and free shipping on orders over $49, so you see on the store no matter where you are.

Have any question? Our Customer Service  Representatives are always glad to help you.